About Arentz Electrical



Arentz Electrical was opened in 2001 by Drew Arentz who with his team has built it up to the business it is today, specializing in the industrial electrical field.

Arentz Electrical is known for its quality of service and capabilities to deliver.

Arentz Electrical held the maintenance contract at Murray Basin Titanium’s mineral sand mine site for three years without incident, including completing the decommissioning of the sites high voltage infrastructure, dredge and wet concentrator plant. Meeting or exceeding all timelines without incident.

We have installed 15 large 3200A pump stations on almond properties and river sites for Timbercorp without incident, and now proudly maintains these sites for the customer.

Arentz Electrical completed a large project in Rockhampton QLD for Bajool Salt installing a new salt refinery on time and without incident.

We completed over 60 High Voltage terminations at the Kulwin mine site during construction, meeting all deadlines and again without incident.

We held a contract with Iluka’s Kulwin Mine site, providing night shift coverage, day shift coverage when required and completed over 50 Mining unit moves, 5 Mining Unit tank moves and the relocation of the Mining Unit and associated infrastructure across the Mallee Highway. This included sorting out all approvals with Energysafe Victoria, Vicroads and Powercor to gain permission for the overhead power line to cross the highway, completing all the above without incident and meeting all timelines.

Arentz Electrical also moved Iluka’s Kulwin mining plant and processing plant from its existing location to its current location, completing the decommissioning of all the High Voltage infrastructure and reinstatement at its new location. This project included a 66Kv substation and all 22Kv and 6.6Kv reticulation across the 20Km long site, Arentz completed this on time without incident.

Arentz Electrical then held the maintenance contract for Iluka for the duration of the WRP mine site until it closed in March 2015.

More recently, we completed three mine trials for Iluka at their Balranald site and currently still complete all Iluka’s electrical statuary requirements and electrical maintenance at their idle mine plants in Ouyen, Horsham and Balranald.

Arentz Electrical also still completes electrical installation and maintenance work for Olam Almonds across their 11 Victorian orchards.